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Ice-T - Radio suckers lyrics

People, it's time for the Ice crush
So listen to my words I bring much
Sense, as I commence, my lirycs intense
Get telephoto, break out your big lens
Look, check out the sales charts
My record's kickin', I'm breakin' P. D. 's hearts
They banned me from their shows
Because they said I'm too hard
But no sell-out, I guess I'm just barred
I ain't changin' mine for no body

They bleeped words from Doug's LA-DE-DA-DE
I can't get a bleep? What's the deal?
Maybe my words are just too real
It's not profanity, it's just the man and me
He doesn't want you to see what I see
Doesn't want you to be what you can be
Word, censorship of reality

Radïo suckers never play me [x3]

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