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Ice-T - The iceberg lyrics

[Verse 1]

What's that spell? Iceberg, nigga, can't you read?
Time to bleed, slaughter, slice
Try to say I wasn't nice as we waxed them punks like lab mice
Dice 'em up, slice 'em up, dissect
Put you in a boilin' pot and let your a*s sweat
Cos I rap on game you think I'm weak in a freestyle?

Well 911 you should dial
Before my posse makes a move on your mom's crib
Think we got knives and guns? We got bombs, kid
Blow up your whole block, ya hear the gunshots
Throw you in the Syndïcate cellar and let your body rot
Cos I'm the coldest m*********r that you ever heard
Call me The Ice... or just The Iceberg

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