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Immolation - Unpardonable sin lyrics

Take your heaven
And your hell
And leave them for the children
I refuse to believe these lies
Show me you're real
Prove your greatness
Can you show me that you really loved us
That you really died to save us from damnation
I don't think you can, I don't think you will
Divine illumination sees no path to forgiveness
When the one who defies the lord i
s cast out forever
Banishment from the house of
God is not what I fear
For his kingdom is divided
and his people shall stray
I commend myself for this unpardonable sin

For now more than ever I see clearer than before
One above, how mighty are your wonders
Your kingdom is everlasting, yet so empty
Your saints have chosen sin over glory
Your strength has diminished... My fallen one
The misery that surrounds me,
I'm repulsed by your name
Your images has brought despair
to the ones you've forsaken
Your death I'll rejoice as you sickness disappears
Lament in your own failure,
for in death there is rebirth
i commend myself for this unpardonable sïn
For now more than ever I see clearer than before

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