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Kalafina - Gloria english lyrics

Soon I will be by my beloved
Who really was here,
With two cold hands
Enveloping his face.
The long journey came to an end so,
In the middle of quiet tranquility,
I grieved alone
And cried just a little.

The whole world has nothing.
The afternoon sunlight grows bright,
A song of happiness echoes,
And shines on the hill of the skylark.
Lets go together,
Along this road,
Choking on the smell and
Stepping on the green grass.

Like a round instrument
Shaped like a fruit
You played sorrow
and joy,
That washed me and shook me
of my pain and comforts so now
I can love you.
You made my heart.

Something wonderful
Is surely here.
I sing a song of happiness.
Lets go to ephemerality.
For love and hope,
For tears and sacrifices,
Lets experience the beginning
Of radiant nïghts and noons.

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