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Kent - Gravitation (english translation) lyrics

(Keep in mind that this song was written in Swedish,
so these words don't rhyme at all, and they sound
a lot better in their original language!)

I stand here frozen solid
Finally still
Like gravitation, like something sharp
I will never
do you wrong again
You get caught perfectly
in my Polaroid
You blink, frightened
when I stand beside you
You step backwards,
when my hand is about to touch yours

But that's how it's supposed to be

That's the way we like it now
That's how it's supposed to be
Like a perfect and wonderful law
Perfect and indestructible... like me

Back's to the wall at last,
finally it's over
A difficult situation, of course,
have I dreamed you for so long now
A hand at my throat
and breathing becomes difficult
A hand around my neck,
squeezïng too hard
And my legs can't carry
my body any longer


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