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Kent - Protection (english) lyrics

I tried so hard to make you smile
For once I tried to be myself
I made you scared I made you cry
So I never tried again

And you tried to tell me how you feel
I couldn't hear you say a thing
You tried to tell me how you feel
I wasn't listening, I wasn't listening

It took me twenty-nine years to reach perfection
Now they fill us with fear
computerized rejections
Your voice disappears
on a bad connection
It gets lonely out here

I need protection, please
are you protecting me

Now I found a way to make you smile
pretending I am someone else
Cause I really missed your smile
more than I missed myself
You found a way to keep it inside
to a point where you can't feel a thing
and silence suits us fine
when we're not listening
no, we're not listening

chorus but not "I need protection, please"
are you protecting me
are you protecting me
are you protectïng me...

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