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Kevin Ayers - Flying start lyrics

We took a place in the sun
To see what had become
The warm winds blow constantly
Does the answer still blow
Did you find your chateau
In that Mediterranean fantasy

Flying start. etc
Made the whole world sing, they had no choice
Flying start like a shining pearl.
They sang with one voice

To where the sun always shines
Familiar faces and wines
The warm winds blow constantly
Knock on the door but the memory's poor

Is their somebody in, please answer me

Two dark eyes from the doorway shine
So you lost your dream in a bottle of wine
I know you had to do it your way, fine
But there's none to carry the cross this time

On dusty roads and tracks
Now it's the time to turn back
The warm winds blow constantly
Riding that storm since the day you were born
Is there somebody ïn now, answer me

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