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Kevin Ayers - Orible orange lyrics

I'm an orible orange
Covered in chemical spray.
I'm absolutely nasty
That's why I have to say
That I'm an orible orange
(He's an orible orange)
I'm an orible orange
(He's an orible orange)
I'm an orible orange
(He's an orible orange)
And you shouldn't eat me.

I'm a soggy white sandwich
Made from bleached white bread.
I'm absolutely nutrition-less and useless,
That's why it has to be said
That I'm a soggy white sandwich
(He's a soggy white sandwich), etc.

I'm a chemical kipper,
Coloured with poisonous red dye.
I wish I were a beautiful bloater

But next to a pat of rancid butter I lie.
I'm a chemical kipper, etc.

I'm a lamentable lentil
Lamentablentablentablentable lentil.
I'm a lamentable lentil, etc...

I'm a miserable maggot,
I live in poisoned fruit.
I always have bad tummy aches,
And very often puke--blechgh!
I'm a miserable maggot
Such a miserable maggot.
Fruit ain't what it used to be.
I'm a miserable maggot, etc...

I'm an unhappy apple
Covered in chemical dust
I'm absolutely toxïc
So I warn you all I must
I'm an unhappy apple, etc.

... You shouldn't eat me.

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