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Kevin Ayers - Super salesman lyrics

Well, they call me the super salesman
'Cause selling is all I do.
I've got an endless stash
Of expensive trash
I want to sell to you--
'Cause I'm a super salesman
Super super salesman;
I'm a super salesman,
That's what I am!

You can tell I'm a genuine person
From my haircut to my shoes.
Don't worry about your money, it's guaranteed..
Guaranteed to lose!
I'm a super salesman, etc.

But you'll be doing yourself a favour
And you know that I'm sincere;
I've got a beautiful rap, to sell this crap
It's music to the ears.
Now listen to me:

Sell, Sell.

I've got things to save you money
I've got things to save you time;
So you can use the time
To earn the cash
To buy this trash of mine
I'm a super salesman, etc.

Yes I'm the universal salesman
You can find me anywhere;
Take a good look inside of yourself
You'll find a salesman there.
And you're the super salesman,
Super super salesman;
You're the super salesman,
That's what you are.

Sell yourself, it's later than you think;
Sell yourself, it's later than you thïnk;
Super salesman,
Super super salesman, etc.

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