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Kid Rock - World class s*x rhymes lyrics

kid rock i got the s*x rhymes
kid rock i got the s*x rhymes
kid rock i got the s*x rhymes

all world cla*s

(Kid Rock)
kid rock mutha f***r Yo i ain't no fag
i f***k bitches dry f***k em on the rag
tag their toes check em off my list
hoes get f***ked they don't get kissed
a simplistic pimp gettin much respect
i'll f***k your mouth and leave your a*s in debt
jet set the country on yer world purse
just to show u how a real pimp works
Remove yer shirt show me them titties
i'll drive my dick right through your twin cities
around your bends over your curves and a*s
park it in yer mouth til i run outta gas

Snoop Dogg i got the s*x rhymes
Snoop Dogg i got the s*x rhymes
Snoop Dogg i got the s*x rhymes
All World Calss

(Snoop Dogg)
It ain't nothin like black p***y on my dick
word to ya mamma and ya sister bitch
i play hoes like a muthaf***kin football game
i pull my dick out and he'll say it's good ya'll came
ya'll did yer thang work the nigga front to back
in the bill clinton presidential cadillac
we smoked the sack the bitches couldn't handle that
blew out my brains and left no stain
i can't complain s***t it's all done with game
i f***ked so many hoes i can't remember they name
but it ain't about that bitch i really doubt that
just turn the lights out and put my dick where ya mouth at

Kid Rock i got the s*x rhymes
Kid Rock u got yer s*x rhymes
Snoop i got the presidential s*x rhymes

my nigga my nigga my nigga

(Kid Rock)
i'm on a private jet outta JFK
Sipin the Becks Feelin A OK
look across the isle and who did i see

bill mutha f***kin clinton sittin next to me
we kicked the talk tied a couple a laughs
this stewradess walked up & asked us for our autographs
i thought it was mac and i gave her two free shirts
bill stuck five fingers up in her skirt
so i stuck five and that made ten
s***t two roosters and only one hen
billy winked at me it was all too sweet
we tag teamed that freak at thirty thousand feet

yeah thirty thousand muthaf***kin feet flyin high

ya know we thougth we do it the most in the coast

(Lemme see if you got some gansta s***t homie,
casue if you do I'ma kick sumpin for ya.)

(Snoop Dogg)
Oh s***t some gansta s***t
All I need is a gansta bitch
Cause gansta s***t is all I kick
I f***ks with a black, brown, or a white chick
Bitch you can act like you ain't with the s***t
I hear to strip a bitch, and cold pimp a bitch
Lookin for love in all the wrong places
Lookin for love.. ***k love its to racist
Smokin it up in too many places
Bustin a nut in too many bitches faces

(Kid Rock)
Well, I Kid Rock got p***y galore
you might get alot of p***y
i gets much more
got scores of w****s and macks know whats up
(you'se a playa)
nope i'm a flat out slut
got what you came for yes indeed
XTC and a sea of weed
got a seed to plant in your field of crap
i'll wear my cowboy hat and be your farmer jack
You can hold my sac while I pack your bag
you can rub my back while i tap ur keg
one leg on the dash and one on the floor
I'll pop a cork ïn your a*s and make you scream for more

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