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Kodak Black - Boost my ego lyrics

[Intro: Future]

And we about fifteen up, you know what I mean?
They 'gon try take advantage of this money
S***t coming in fast
They know we ain't got a blueprint of this s***t
We just came into this s***t with it already

[Chorus: Future]
Baby mama, she don't get no pardon
Boostin' up my ego, made me go my hardest

Took me out the PJ and put me in a mansion

Louis Vuitton these thots, I trap out the spot
Hermes belts and drapes, keep my doggies straight

[Verse 1: Kodak Black]
All I know, identity theft, I buried all the credit cards
G1 had me in the kitchen, sellin' hard and doïn' fraud

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