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Lola Jane - Kiss me lyrics

Verse 1:
You and I,
We're not like anybody else,
Hold me tight
Cause you don't want nobody else.

I'm lost in you,
I'm lost and I can't get away from you,
I'm lost in you,
Even found, I would still find my way to you.

So kiss me like you never have before,
Who cares if anyone's here,
Kiss me like we own this floor,
Kiss me while my body moves with yours,
Tonight's ending is no where near,

You're my desire, give me more.

Verse 2:
Let's take a ride,
Nobody has to know where to,
Just you and I,
Let's keep this secret for us two.



So kiss me,
Nobody else,
So kiss me,
Pull me closer, kiss me longer,
Whisper, you want me to stay,
The night is young, let's have some fun
Before the time is put to waste,
So kïss me.


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