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Method Man - Ghetto b. i. lyrics

[Method Man]
Yeah ha.. we vibin'
Channel livin' all day ha c'mon
Yo its me the m-e-t-h uh o-d
Sniff a whole key
My coke deep
Be my consciouss tellin me it dont make sense
Then guard his nonsense
A niggas best defense is his offense
So yo I watch po po
And duck a dodo
Birdies in them gogo's
Trying to steal my mojo
Oh no your'e f***n with a pro
Who go for dolo
For sure though
A season veteran holy a (dobo??)
Come on now judge judy
Youre televised through our vision
While I black you get imprisoned

When my eyes see through your eyes
Your hypnotized
Subconsciously you change the station to channel live
That underground hard-core sound who said it'd die
Cause if it is me and my nine's
The first to ride
For my niggas
Live by the fire die by the flame
Happy im gone knowin my son's gonna be the same
As his dough-diggy dog that
Who put his feelings on a pamphlet
A pen unleash the dragon again uh
Im on ya like hot grease on a skillet
Gorïllas on real tv because they feel us

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