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Method Man - I get my thang in action lyrics

[Verse 1]
Niggas wanna test my stees,
Nigga please,
I black that eye like peas
You better freeze
In ya tracks
A Wu-Tang (bzzz) killer bee's on ya back
I comes for the honey plus the phat money sack
You want it all?
Yeah I want it all like THAT
I stab my own moms in the back for a stack
Niggas like damn, why you want it like that?
'Cause I'm a dog, and I got no love for the cat
Attitude's cold like the north polar cap
Where I do my (??) a little further down the map

A little black island
Called Stat
Where niggas carry gats in they Black Moon hat
Now I'm mad known for the bones and the rap
And youse an unknown with a phoney contract
Wake up and smell the method, m*********r
Contact, fallin' in a cypher from a fallen head crack
An indian giver and I'm out to take it back
Shaolin Island, baby where you at?
A runaway train that be runnin' on ya track
That's how it's goin' down
Yeah, it's goin' down lïke that

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