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Method Man - Simmons incorporated lyrics

[Intro: Dig Dast (Jamel Simmons) {Gold D}]
Yo my nigga Jamel Simmons what the deal nigga?
(Gold D, Dig Dast what's goin down, what's goin down)
{Aight, what's goin on, what's goin on
What's the deal pa, where you headed son? }
(Yo I'm bout to go to the studio and lay smash hit

Wit my Uncle Run, boy)
{Word? } Ain't he a Reverend now, collectin plates
At churches and s***?
(He's spittin flames right now baby
He at the top of his game, right now
I'm tellin, I'm show you, watch
Youknowhatimean? He's a born again, hoolïgan)

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