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Mobb Deep - Cradle to the grave (freestyle) lyrics

{Mobb Deep! } Show these bitch-*s niggaz
{Free Agents! } Over and over and over again how we do this s***t

{*cock and gunshot courtesy DJ Whoo Kid*}

Aiyyo, they say I'm cold-hearted, well I was born like that
From the womb to my tomb I'll be on it like that
From my cradle to my grave I'll be on that same s***t
No bitch can change my ways, I show no care
No thug can shake my frame, I show no fear
Be a cold day in hell once I arrive there
I slap God in the face for puttin me through this torture
{*GOD*} And bust through heaven's gates
{*DAMN*} if they don't wanna let me up
So while I'm still alive and kickin
I'ma run through this planet like I own this s***t here
F***k up out my way 'fore you get yourself fitted
And sized up like tailored for bullets that fit in
the meat on your bones like knives on Thanksgiving

You bird-*s nigga, I'm a mobster, you a pigeon
Make no mistake, there's a difference between us
So when you see my face, turn your head like a slut
Word up, we body niggaz for reckless eyeballin
Niggaz signin record deals and think they ballin
My niggaz make joint ventures and own they mansions
You prostitute-*s nigga, hoe faggot, you a RAPPER
{*DAMN! *}

Okay okay okay, H-A-V-O-C
That nigga P, no doubt that's that gangsta s***t son, y'know? {*gunshot*}

All the time baby
We gon' continue to do this s***t like this here
Man y'knowImean? For y'all peoples {*cocked*}
Cause we know y'all wants this {*gunshot*} s***t like this
Y'knahmsayin? Straight like that

{Shoutout.. Violator.. Chris Lighty! }
{Can't forget.. Mike Lighty.. John Lïghty.. HA HA! } {*gunshot*}

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