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Mobb Deep - Hurt niggas lyrics

[Verse 1: (Prodigy)]

I'll noose ya'll, and push ya'll off the edge
I'm like Ray Benzino 'cause how I hang men
I got a big caliber gun inside of my Timb
so I can explode on any mothaf***ka that grin
trust me, it's not like that, it's not what you thought
you'll be like "P shot me and bounced in the Porsche"
on some real live Mobb s***, Columbo, the Cappo
I pop niggas, leave the gun right there, I got gloves
stop niggas from frontin', leave 'em real f***d up

I drop niggas thats runnin', shoot 'em in they back dun
coward a*s nigga poppin' all that s***t
and when them things popped out you on some Michael Johnson s***t
f***k that, hammer that nigga to the earth
wanna cross me? you niggas gotta pay that toll first
and I got change for all that million dollar s***t
and these slugs 'll be the only reason niggas be hollarïn'.

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