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Morgoth - Lies of distrust lyrics

problems which come depressive and slow
will they tell us the truth
masquerade of a security world
a world that is abused
clearhead in a public domain
a walk into afflication
distrust sets the world afire
send me to a vacation
there's nothing more to say
in this time of lies
trust will kill the potency
and bring you to defy
unbidden - uncreasing destiny
a news that is select
unmasked - unbeaten liberty
distance that will be expect
a never ending lie
from a ship that reaches the shore
loosing all the hope
of people there is a nevermore

walk back into a time
where thoughts are never free
that will be your last chance
dont believe what you see
the expectation of you life
is forever lost
clouds of darkness that decay
into an everlasting dust
sent into a world of terror
to earn the highest price
born into a world of death
life on earth - so nice
spreading the unknown disease
mankind is well sick
selecting what we want to hear
free speach will kill
lies of distrust - control our ideas
lies of distrust - ferocity appears
lies of dïstrust - make people scream

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