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Spoken: Camilla, I have written a song for you. Sinatra or
Mick Jagger will probably want to record it, but I want
you to hear it from me first.

You alone, you are my one and only chicken, steady.
And if you leave I will alone and lonely sicken, ready.
You and I, we're a team and that's a fact.
You and I, what a terrific idea for an act.

Spoken: Oh, listen to the rhymes in the chorus. It's very cole-porter-y.

Camilla, you're sweeter than wine or vanilla, Camilla.
Come lie beneath this tree, it's a willa, Camilla.
Camilla, the night it grows stilla and stilla, Camilla.
You're prettier by far than Godzilla, Camïlla.

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