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No Remorse - Under the gods lyrics

Skinheads in the papers,
Skinheads you just can't fool,
Defend us from blacks with baseball bats,
Racism back in rule,
White youth picking up Nazi flags,
White youth ready for war,
This is the west, get used to it,
There's a swastika over the door

Under the Gods, Under the Gods,
One step over the red line,
Under the Gods, under the Gods,
Now it's only a matter of time

Government claims to be in control,
They think that they can stop fate,

White Power skins in steel-capped boots,
Picking out who to annihilate,
Skinhead trail of destruction,
Reds they cower in fear,
Immigrants in the hostels,
But immigrants not wanted here

As the walls come tumbling down,
Our future is clear,
i believed our day would come,
Now that day is here

White man stands with a shotgun,
Black man stands with a knife,
This is the path to victory,
Your choice if you live or dïe!

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