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Obie Trice - Adrenaline rush lyrics

Get the f***k up, motherf***ker

Hey yo, when i step up on the bar
everybody hits the f***kin floor
lucky motherf***kers make it to the door
cause when i spit on the mics, i spit raw
which cause confusion, from the bar to the dance floor
i keep the club on the vex
cause he got a penny when i spit and replace a lot of s***t
niggas get the wildin

when my words, echo the room like "Get yo hand outta my pocket"
you sock s***t, when my topics rockin
im banned from clubs cause of my toxic tonsils
loud, speakin like a f***kin sports announcer
i spit the blah hah, till you rush the bouncer
or rush the motherf***ker in your way whos bouncin
you know obie trice, keeps those gats pronouncïn

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