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Olivia - Are u capable lyrics

Get your cock stiff and change the topic
Mansion in the tropics, hot s***t
Laser cut key by the locksmith
Tight security, see four just to pop s***t
Nigga know we stop s***t
Only see the broads (??), see more when you cop it
Don't shake?? , ?? fours when I rock it
I got all your cash, what more can I pocket
Holdin' down the fort, no other bitch can top this

Can you flip it? Can you hit it? Are you ready to get with it tonight?

Can you give me what I want? Can you do the things I want?
Can you kiss below the border while I run a camcorder tonight?
Can you give me what I want? Are your skills?? , can you do me right?

Are you capable? (Are you capable?)
Do you think that you can handle the floor?
For sure (for sure, for sure)
Are you capable? (Are you capable?)
Can you spank it 'til I'm beggïn' for more?
For sure
Are you capable?

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