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Olivia Tuzlaru - Di-rai-da lyrics

Oh here he is now, hear him, he comes now
Singing di-rai-da di-rim-di-ra
Look how he's rolling that violin bow
Playing di-rai-da di-rim-di-ra
Oh baby, baby, just feel the rhythm
Forget all sorrow, embrace the freedom

You see, his eyes are sweeter than honey
And are di-rai-da di-rim-di-ra
His lips are tasteful just like old brandy

Just like di-rai-da di-rim-di-ra
Oh honey, honey, may I get bolder
And come a little closer and closer

Forget the useless words with a meaning
Sing me di-rai-da di-rim-di-ra
My heart is burning, my head is spinning
Because di-rai-da di-rim-di-ra
The world is turning into a dance house
Di-ra-di-rai-da ïs all about us

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