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Orbit - Carnival lyrics

The carnival came through today
She says I know what I'll be
And I'm in my head again
She says darkness never came for me
The freaks they walk by my room
One day they'll come and call
And they'll take me in
And they'll make me king
Of the carnival they are

Money counts for nothing, babe
When money comes for free
Money counts for nothing babe
In the carnival of freaks

She's in my bed again

Bust she says she's only killing time
And I'm in the waiting room
But it's slowly coming back with time
I'm on the rocking horse
But the rocking horse don't make no sense
I'm on the train again, get on the train again
Where it's all the freaks and me


Get on the train again
I'm on the train again
Get on the train again
I'm on the train agaïn

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