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Orion - Overcontrol (dragoste pe net) lyrics

In this room full of silence
i'm writing a letter
i'll say what i'd like
i'll say what i feel

If you would be here
really right here
i would take your hands
and i would give you my kiss

and I feel me alone
without you I'm a stone
my heart live just for you
I wanna be just with you
forever togheteeeeeeeeeeer


I saw you first time

In a beautiful summer night
Your eyes was taking me overcontrol
I live on a dream
Just a window for see
In this summer night where i'm here missing you

I'm just watching the white wall
looking for something
but i don't know what
i have to search

If you would be here
really right here
i would graze you lips
and ï would scream you my love

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