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Orishas feat Harther - Represent cuba lyrics

yeap.. yeap.. yep...
hmmmmmmmhmmmhmmm... he my musica
represent represent cuba on hy casa lamae havana x2
te quero havana deredem my hart.. en doros..
yo hips to the shift make and to the spellslet yo bady all.. in the voice that you says...
underwoods you find me in the grooves that eyes your burnin' in says you says...
underhits inside the beackbeack love... colai... vuba let me introduce myself... CUPA

refren x2
the quero te quero thandar the coracon ici la istoria de smis caises tu ma sone la var est aro... mira.. aven o vaila havana... miha.. to dance all night in havana

refren2 x2

harther:, , , , , , ,

bengan your lefs defence on you real sense... sweepen ti the nïght baby hold you turn...

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