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Ours - Drowning lyrics

Oh it sounds like a fire in store
Holding down while the tides are strong
I survive a wave but now I'm gone
How am I to change the damage done?
Maybe today, today we die [2]
Give us and take away the cries
Baby today we die
There's a fire in the wind and the oxygen
Brings a round of a.........
And I gave you the rain you claimed the sun
When I took it away you came undone
Even the rain can take the sun
Take it away and file into the light

Where everyone just waits to find
Another thing to steal that's mine
It's unbelievable human kind
It's unbelievable
It's like a pain
Pain.. now
How come everybody's doing different then they've said
Complaining that their living and they'd rather be dead
Always part of the......
So many things that he don't know
Baby today, today we die [2]
Forgive us and take away the cries
Baby today we'll dïe

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