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Oxymoron - Bored and violent lyrics

There's violence coming up, trouble on the streets
Gangs are taking over, but where will this lead?
Do you care for their frustration, no you don't!
The kids have no relation to your mode


The same like back in '76, bored and full of violence
can't you see in fact what's going on
It started off in '77, when the kids got up together
Discipline gets nowhere but to hatred

Yellow press rack their brains over who's to blame
Ain't the message obvious, what do you mean?
Or is all the increasing outrage just a joke?
But how come your prisons are packed, ain't this odd?
There's writings on the wall and broken panes
The youth don't put up with your silly games
Do you care for their frustrations, no you don't!
The kids have no relatïon to your mode

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