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Oxymoron - Nuclear war lyrics

Face this, the missile's on the way
Crisis, will the bomb be dropped today?
Last war, to end this bloody mess
Danger, It's you the real menace

With all their foes their doing away
We're all in this - hey hey hey
No one dares to talk aloud
'bout the real imminent crisis
The gruesome leaders are counting their bombs
Blow them straight up your arse
There's no cover in the case of war
Come on, drop it!

Sirens - sirens in the heat
Fighting - on your TV screen

The secret bases are alarmed

The troops are on the alert
The counter attack is set on foot
Depends on a single word

With all their foes their doing away
And all enclosed have to die
There's no cover in the case of war


Nuclear war
That's the nuclear war

Watch out - for the news today
Fallout - over israel
The bomb has struck in morningtime
A shelter won't be of use
A few survived to waste away
But they'll never know the cause
Of the nuclear war

In the burnt out citïes

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