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Placebo - Song to say goodbay lyrics

You are one of goods mistakes, you crying, tragic waste of skin,
I'm well alware of how it aches, and you still won't let me in, now I'm breaking down your door, to try and save your swollen face, though I don't like you anymore, you lying, trying waste of space.

Before our innocence was lost, you were always one of those blessed with lucky sevens, and a voice that made me cry, my oh my.

You were mother nature's son, someone to whom I could relate, your needle and your damage done remains a sordid twist of fate, now I'm trying to wake you up, to pull you from the liquid sky, cause if I don't we'll both end up, wïth just you songs to say goodbay. My oh my. A song to say goodbye.

It's a song to say goodbye.....

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