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Pushpy - Wake up lyrics

when i wake up
planet is still f***d up, nobody gives a f***k
some things we never change, they increase taxes of
they talk about peace when it's still war in the middle east
they want to know where i'm from
how much money do i make
f***k this bitchez, say no to snitchez
my G works overseas just to feed his family
last night he died in the ghetto like a hero
but nobody gives a f***k
everything is good in da' hood until you bring c*****e
i need money f***k the system nobody gives a s***t - they just take your plate
i need to eat, no time to sleep
you look nice in that polo she needs your money
you need to make money, now tell me what is this
you dis and dance on play music but you are still a f***king racist

---- refren ----
last night she said pushpy stop playing
so i went deep
every night i play with your beat
like it's a hip hop beat
we have that g s***ts on that g s***t
i eat ciabatta with my becky
and i fly to PIA to PIA just to smoke shisha
there are no stakes my bank account is zero
so don' try to be a hero
my friends make money overseas, they have class
fly business class, drive SSSSSS classe
we should go slow, me and ma' boyz go whoaaaa
i'm too skinny that's my motto, maybe i'm locco
mucho trabajo, pocco dinero
same s***t, different day
hate me or love me you can't even f***king taste me
this is pushpy, yeaahh
--- refren epïc ---

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