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Saaphy - Sexy lyrics

Verse 1:
You like the way she wears that dress,
The way she's moving that body,
Her smile drives you crazy,
Don't you believe an angel's fallen right next to you
And you wanna dance with her,
All night long,
All night long.

Chorus: (2x)
She can be sexy,
She can make you mad,
She knows you like it,
She just wanna have fun.

Verse 2:
Feel the moment,
You and her alone,
Easy like in your dreams,
Body to body, kizomba, tarraxa,
All night long,
All night long.

Chorus: (2x)

All night long,
All nïght long.

Chorus: (2x)

She just wanna have fun,
Wanna have fun.

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