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Connor Wanna Roast Me He was too dam cringey you made a mistake it's clear too see i've won two wars im about to make it 3 Tell me why your not the fifth tellytubbie your diss track was so shabby that's a guarantee why'd you sound like a she i'll make you plea plea for mercy bro you rapped badly you wrote this blindly i wrote this kindly your not worthy to try and diss me is unhumanly your musics not worth 10p it's not worth a penny let's go then shall we Connor why you wanna diss me you are far too cringey is that the best you could make it gave me such a headache i think you need to remake i'm gonna take the cake no truce no handshake you can't rap, you made a mistake i'll cause some mayhem like it's jailbreak dissing since the day i wake dissing since day break i'll destroy you like an earthquake im gonna crush you like a cornflake why is there 3 of you for god sake one was bad enough i can't take you have a crew, you snake i'll burn you at the stake stop rapping your not drake oh and by the way i know your subs fake Connor what did you say i can't i can't hear you Your rap was so bad and you know it's true why did you try i have no clue the audio is terrible too how can it be bad when you had a crew you can't rhyme it's not a breakthrough my sub count is plus 72 call me kermit, makes no sense call me kermit, i took no offence you tried to diss so hence war is getting tense let it commence you waited for a reply well here it is my guy you didn't even try it made me wanna die i rolled my eyes you ain't going high i don't need to clarify why i've won this decry try to diss me like why i'll make you cry and i don't need Ben Fry your a housefly i don't need to classify why your an octopi you winning is just a lie what do you mean let the public decide, my name is tomtube, your the guy whose cockeyed, now you are decried when i heard your track i sighed, and now i have replied ï've had enough so goodbye

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