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Tori Amos - Datura lyrics

get out of my garden

passion vine
taxas sage
indigo spires salvia
confederate jasmine
royal cape plumbago
arica palm
pygmy date palm
snow on the mountain
pink powderpuff datura
crinum lily
st. christopher's lily
silver dollar eucalyptus
white african iris
katie's charm ruella
variegated shell ginger
florida coonite
ming fern
sword fern
walking iris
chocolate cherries alamanda
awabuki viburnum

is there room in my heart
for you to follow your heart
and not need more blood
from the tip of your star

walking iris
chocolate cherries alamanda

awabuki viburnum
natal plum
black magic ti
mexican bush sage
gumbo limbo
golden shrip
belize shrimp
weeping sabicu
golden shower tree
golden trumpet tree
bird of paridise
come in
variegated shell ginger
red velvet costus
xanadu philondron
snow queen hibiscus
bleeding heart
persian sheild
cat's whiskers
royal palm
sweet alyssum
petting bamboo
orange jasmine
c*****a blue pea
downy jasmine

dividing canaan
piece by piece
o let me see
dividïng canaan

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