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Udai Masahiko - Blind lyrics

Do you love me?
Oh baby, admit you love me
I'm always very true to you
You know that all I see is you

Say you love me
Oh baby, please say you love me
I think of you all night and day
I hope you feel the same, I play

I've been in love since the day we met
You are the one, you were made for me, babe
No one else could ever take your place

Oh just be honest, 'cause I need to know it

Tell me what you want
Oh baby, tell me that you're mine
How can I show you just how much you mean to me
You mean the world to me

Come on and

Tell me what you need
Oh baby, tell me how you feel
Oh baby, tell me that you'll love me till the end
Until the end of tïme

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