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Umberhulk - Divine right lyrics

-Part One: The Great Alliance-

-Elven Verse-
An unseen enemy comes sneaking in from the north
Forests cover their approach - Our scouts could not defend
They want to end our elven way of life
What must the elves hath done to them
Inhuman invaders from the southern wastes
With elven bows we will not hesitate
What a great destruction for these pests pronounce
Death for them - The elves shall not renounce

-Alliance Chorus-
An eye for an eye... You can't deter - Cover the ground with their blood and fur
Cut them apart at the root of their cause - Down with this mage who they worship (IUZ)

-Dwarven Verse-
A blanket of snow has covered their tracks
A dwarvish war party has picked up their band
The hours upon us with an evil advance
Destruction up on them as the horde doth commence
A view to behold - The dwarves fought off the attack
A war horn is blowing as the dwarves up their hand
Call forth the raiders that are hidden in caves
The dwarves set an ambush for just such events

-Alliance Chorus-

-Pledge of the Three Nations-
You thought that we would all take this lying down
We three kingdoms are about to denounce
We will flood over your souls like a plague of the dead
Destroy all your children asleep in their beds
You dare to attack us, premeditated advance
Defense was before an offensive is planned
We will march to the Pomarj and free it from harm
Iuz commands you - It's him we'll disarm

-Alliance Chorus-

-Human Verse-
To the west all the humans have deterred all attacks
But haven't prepared for what's about to commence
An attack from the south with a dragon to start
Fireballs reign down with abandon (Depart)
Bowmen get ready and aim when he's close
Don't miss my lads or were all in the roast
Where did they come from and who is their master?

-Part Two: Divine Right-

-Decree of the Pomarj-
We serve Iuz. High lord in this Holy Land
We're strong. Rule lain down with an iron hand
We are many. With our number we will infest
Your land. We take because we can

Raised from birth to become strong in ways of war
The slow and the weak soon perish. Dominion what we shall strive for
Your races foster the weak and drag them along
Each of our generations becomes stronger as the strong live to breed the strong

-Pomarj Chorus-
We'll fight for lord and land to drive the invaders out
You will not take the Pomarj!
Many more of your innocents will perish in our raids
Iuz commands your death!

-Promise of the Pomarj-
Every race – assembled to defeat yours
There are Trolls – to devour every knight on every horse
The giants – come down from the hills to eat the dwarves
And elves – made short work by the orcish horde

Ogres brandish oaken clubs to squish your little heads
Hobgoblin warriors with jagged spears to leave your infantry dead
Crafty gnolls with the strongest bows. Death is what they love
Mighty dragons command the skies to bring fire from above

-Pomarj Chorus-

-The Pomarj Creed-
We're coming - Our monstrous hordes advance
There's dying - We fear not the horseman's lance
Overrun - The might of the gods collide
Rivers of blood flow from every side

Iuz commands your death!

-Part Three: Eye for an Eye-

... The allied armies of the three great nations marched at once towards their final battle against the evil sub-humanoids of the Pomarj. With their snare drums tapping for them to march in time, the soldiers wonder what the night may have in store for them. As they reach the crest of a hill they see only darkness and hear nothing... Suddenly, the terrible sound of a thousand orcish war drums awakens the night. Then, a thousand torches slowly come to life to cast an eerie illumination across the armies of the Pomarj. The soldiers know that some of them will fall, unmercifully slaughtered in battle, having never known if the battle and their deaths were in vain... Some shall spend the last of their days as slaves before the beasts consume their flesh... Although the humans, elves, and dwarves are very scared - for they know that most will never again see their familïes and homelands - they also know that Iuz must once and for all be stopped - at any cost - and sent to hell...

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