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Umberhulk - Ravenloft lyrics

-Verse 1-
Ten thousand years since I was born - A bloody corpse feels like home
All I have to waste is life - I do not age, my hunger never subsides
A fiend, you scream, when you seem near - Nothing else can I do, but use your fear
Your pulse it beats like a drum you see - Violence unwillingly satisfies me

The womb of creation - A land of hell
So strong in me (So strong in me) - The blood lands swell
It calls to me (It calls to me) - On tattered wings of red
Ravenloft to you An oath I pledge

-Verse 2-
There are many wraithen blood knights - Taking up the war
In the land of many gods
There was never a darkness this close before
Blood sports bore me - I wish to have real killing...



A sniff on the wind - Someone not of my line, drifting through my lands
If you be not one of my minions, I think then you be food
I sit in my castle and I prey on the living, breathing cattle
On top of the food chain - E. V. I. L. is my name

Lord Dracul - I am your principal retainer
A darkest unliving thing - A mass grave your demeanor
What could ever save me - I want to end it now
Bring the walls of evil bloodlust crashing to the ground


-Verse 3-
Pholtus I hate you, but love you still
You weren't there to save me, but I need for you to kill
This thing in me that I've become
Bring your shining light down and make me one wïth the sun


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