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Umberhulk - Stoneforger lyrics

-Verse 1-
There came a dwarf from the Wild Coast who tasted blood each day he woke
Five warriors he did lead in search of battle and best of dwarven mead (Indeed)
Keltris knew not much of stealth. The dragon woke and his warriors fell
But to the victors go the spoils, hidden within the serpent's coils (Keep your sword oiled)
They hid the gold and took the dragon's head
To collect bounty and find the comfort of a woman's bed
A mighty dwarf, a hero to the weak, good intentions led astray
Amend your ways – bring honor to your name

-Verse 2-
Tell me children have you heard the tale of Monty of the Vaulting Spear
(He knew no fear) when good Stoneforger let his squire fly (Into the sky)
Keltris knows one way to wage war and they brought the tower to the ground
(It was no more) he returned to his master's side, they slew their foes, the women cried
Sardath smiled and Keltris bore the pain

Keltris was coerced by evil and many innocents had died that day
(He deals death) To the wicked of the land
(He brings death) No Orc shall live
(Yeah) He deals death
(Beware) Lest his axe fall on you

-Penny Whistle/Drum Interlude-

-Verse 3-
The people of Bantum, a hero they sought. Stoneforger arrived with his warrior flock
Dressed in steel and skulls he's took, heavily armored from his helm to his boot (captured loot)
A people afflicted by a scourge of the land, a villain elusive like grains of sand
And guarded by his dragons too, Keltris knew what he must do (To his heart be true)
Dried blood streaked 'cross his hands and brow
Does the steadfast warrior shed a tear? Fights for good, his name evil fears
A mighty dwarf, a hero to the weak, good intentions led astray
Come one, come all: let us sing the joyous refrain

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