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Vanilla Ice - Living lyrics

Here it is, a dope hit
Iceman comin with a dope hit
Cause a few suckers need their throats slit
Jealous cause I went multi-platinum
Now I'm gonna blast em in the head till they're dead with my magnum
Lyrics might be simplistic, but I'm no gimp
On the strip, cause I know how to pimp it
Now I got grip and suckers keep sinking in my quicksand
Vanilla Ice, vocal hitman
Got the number three in my crosses, sittin on the rooftop
bop bop bop
And you fools drop, (scratching over "pop goes the weasel"

was a big fl-fl-flop flop
brother's didn't like your record 'cause it wasn't hip hop hop
but this ain't a dis 'cause you sold gold
Still, I made a killin and it ain't even a 10 - 11 million
given my rhyming spice while my DJs on the slice
Vanilla Ice is back on the map, with the wrath of the Ice King

No one will stop me
No one will stop me
No one will stop me
No one will stop me
No one will stop me
No one wïll stop me

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