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Warren G - And ya don't stop lyrics

For 94, I'm a just glide and swerve
hop up the streets with my heats so observe
its me Z the whee Z, the Warren to the G Z
the deuces and the treys as kickin it through E-Z
and the beach and the bottle where I'm found
f***n around with the muthaf***n Dogg Pound
f***k it, Warren's goin wild

the G Funk Era and the muthaf***n G Child
funk, melody, rhythm, base
he which is I is in the muthaf***n place
so let me get away, come again like this
I can turn into a murderer so please dont diss
cuz if you do, you know where I'm from
rat tat tat tat diddy dum dïddy dum

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