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Warren G - Annie mae lyrics

Warren g-
1, 2 buckle my shoe,
3, 4 we gotta hit the store,
5, 6 back in the mix,
7, 8 warren g and nate,

Nate dogg-
Bang to the boogy say up jump the boogy
To the rhythm of the boogidy beat
I dont love no hoes they know so they don't be f***n wit me

Warren g-
A long time ago i met annie mae
She was killing me softly like everyday
Penetentiary steel, was stickin for real
Blockbustin through the walls
Now i'm makin housecalls

Nate dogg-
I thought i'd met a lot of scandalous women, and then i met annie mae
Got a thin big butt like steel
But she didn't have a place to stay

Warren g-
She was shackin at mine and shackin at his
Blowin my socks, tellin his biz
Nate dogg this and nate dogg that
213 skirt, and we stay intact
So i told the homey nate don't be mislead
Ain't no fun if the homey can't shake a leg
So i went to the house and knocked on the door
And guess who it was, annie mae you h-o

I once knew a trick named annie mae (annie mae)
(i once met a bitch named annie mae)
I once knew a trick named annie mae (annie mae)

I once knew a trick named annie mae

Nate dogg-
Remember yesterday i asked you baby have i seen you somewhere before
With just one look, the p***y was took
Cuz i make music that you adore
Now i'm not sure and i might be trippin
But in 94 i heard a song
It ain't no fun unless the homeys can come
So warren g put a condom on

Warren g-
Now nate you know me and i know you
I got rubbers, gin and socco (?) too
So lets do the do, on how we do,
Never my boot, just a freak that i knew


Warren g-
Annie mae, annie mae, you ran out of time
Warren g and nate dogg blew your mind
Cuz if you trickin wit him
You trickin wit me, you trickin wit the 2 1 muthaf***n 3
I came from rags to riches
Trustin no snitches
Thats how we do on 9 c i x bitches
Buck em, f***k em, and put em in the trash
And jump in the 600 benz and dash

Nate dogg-
Hold up warren before you go just a couple things i got to say
Are you goin home, i wanna be alone
You need to take thïs... home

Chorus x3

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