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Warren G - Havin' things lyrics

[Warren G]
Mic check, time for me to make that connect
With the So So Def so I can make my collect
Private jet in motion, over the ocean
Touch down jungle air strip, CD's to flip
Feds having a cow
Gotta stay on the down low for now
Am I living foul?
F***k that I'm living fat, I got the track
Don Chi Chi and Nate they got my back
and it's like that

[Jermaine Dupri]
Y'all the type of niggaz to blink and to come up all assed out
I'm the type to say f***k that and go cash out
All glassed out with the count of the bitch
Screaming nigga I aint having that s***t
I represent niggas that love to ball, and still be trappin'
And only drink outta the bottle with the gold wrappin'
If it's gon happen I'm the one that make it go down
Cool JD how you like me now?
I keep...

1 - Havin' things
(We havin' things, havin' things, uh)
Havin' things (yeah)
(We havin' things, havin' things, uh)

Repeat 1

[Warren G]
I reminisce when it's like this
Real niggas get together yhey don't like this
So I'ma spice this
ATL, Long Beach to Cada
We been doing this for years for you paper haters
When the beach turned out fresh dress in eighty fo'
When JD was poppin' in houdinni's videos

Me and Nate was serving on the east side fo' sho
And in a game fo' a minute got a minute to go

[Nate Dogg]
They should know now
(We havin' thangs, havin' thangs)
Don't sell your soul now
(To have things, have things)
Do what you feel now
(If you want things, want things)
Keep it real
(Keep it real y'all)

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

[Nate Dogg]
Come on out to my castle lady
See you thangs on your mind
Go on up to my bedroom baby
Tonight everything is just fine (all right)
Stay with me just little while longer
It's only a quarter to five
I can stay up late
Don't work in the morning
Havin' things is just fine

[Jermaine Dupri]
I'm a south coast nigga so f***k y'all niggas
With hate, Me and G V. I. P. at the gate with Nate
Bringing bitches to the table with they belly out
Fine as f***k, but steady trying to tell me how
They got a man but still wanna get they drink on
I'm lookin at this hoes like "You ain't heard this song? "
If you drink this s***t, it's time to leave
Fo' shï's
Fo' c's
It's 12:18
And we be...

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

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