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Warren G - So many ways (remix) lyrics

*featuring Lady Levi

Hey, nah ya goin miss up on the G-Funk era,
ya know we said things won for Warren G, and soon turned superstar

11-10-7 D that was my intro
but now I'm makin doe, I'm rollin a 64
cuz things get shady where the grass is greener
brotha throwin up sets in hoods like they neva seen a
young mack daddy do his thing cuz I pack right
I got 44 ways to make you act right
and its a shame how the game must be played

it was told never fold by the brothas you can't fade
so raise up off this young hog
cuz I heard you punkin some but you can't punk me y'all
I got my own thang cuz I let my beat swang
if you wanna bring it, bring it on no pain no gain
so as I creep can you peep what I speak
techniques unique, so what you sayin is obsolete
so there it is as I go about my days
I can only bring it to you like this ïn so many ways

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