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Watchmen - Try it somtime lyrics

Hey man what's the scam don't you ever understand
Don't you, don't you, don't you understand
Thinking about, thinking about, thinking about nothing
Because nothings about all we have
Screaming round, screaming round, screaming
round the housescreaming round, Got to get my share before the good
times are all bad
Hey Jon what's going on? We haven't talked in so long
Nothings happening man I'm just passing around the bong
Hey Sam what's the plan I'm just chilling in the sand
Everybody's chilling I hope I make it through the night
Just another lonly night, all is silent all is quiet

I just wanted to make it right, all is silent all is quiet

I just can't keep playing pretend, all is silent all is quiet
Screaming in, screaming in, screaming in the bedroom, I'm screaming
from sexual fright
Hey you how do you do can I score a ride with you?
Not a chance baby not if what I heard was true
Hey Trish, who's the bitch you shouldn't talk to me like this
Don't worry about it baby I'll just fix it with a kiss
Climbing up the ladder climbing for the sun climbing up the
ladder, climbing for the sun
Thinking about, thinking about, thinking Tommy
Tommy why'd you go and do that thïng

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