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Wiz Khalifa feat Ad - Chappelle's show lyrics

No matter which way it goes
Y'all be the rookies, we pros
I always stay on... my... toes
You smell the... kush on my clothes

A real boss... never folds
Or show the cards that he holds
I'm with my squad getting stoned
Or with your broad getting dome
A couple of cars, couple homes off
Of the bars I composed

Speaking of composure
I keep it and I keep my team closer
N**gas need to keep their mouths shut, closure
If we don't eat then what's the outcome, Vultures
A pound of weed, you'll never see me without one
Always lowkey, you hardly see me in town
But if you do I'm trying to smoke a zip if you down

We came up together but we different somehow
Think I figured it out
They don't do s**t, Lil n**gas just running their mouth
How do I say this s**t without hating
You built your crib on a weak foundation

And forgot that you gotta live in that house

Paid in full like Money Mitch, got a brick to sell
Lot hated the progress, I still wish them well
That lil n**ga from Compton pray for a wishing well
Now I'm menaging with SZA, drinking white..
And.. we already stars but never kiss and tell

Crap table in Vegas more than a Chippendales
I hear 'em plotting, nowadays I never get compelled
F**k your couch, I'm Rick James like it's a skit, Chappelle
Beating on the table, I'm grindin' like it's Clipse for real
I want gas rather pump, taking trips to Shell
Getting good brain, yeah that noggin could've went to Yale

Keep it silent when we beefing but that clip yell
Shipping KK overseas til they strip the mail
Ride Clinton presidential, could've cropped with Bill
Or get that Scott from Gïl
If you know what I mean, yeah...

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