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Wizard - Betrayer lyrics

The bad dreams of Freya
shows her what will happen
to her shining son
Baldur the light god

She saw him living
in the dark world of hel
killed by a hand
which was guided by evil

Loki heard what she'd done
she made the whole world swear
that nothing'd hurt her son
but she forgot the fallen one

Loki do you really know
what you have done

evil arises, giants cross
the border-line of the north

You are the Deceiver of the gods
Enemy of the human kind
Murderer of the light god, Loki.

The gods played a game
shooting at Baldur
for they knew
that nothing would hurt him

Loki took some mistletoe
made from it an arrow
gave it to Hördur
and made him kill the shinïng one

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