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Wwf - Turn the tables lyrics

Yeah.. We Coming now
Come on.. Uh.. Yeah.. Thats right
We put it down
It's like a family in here
Just a little disabled
Putting it down we lay em out on the table (Yeah)

Who's in the house?
The brothers in the house
Bout to turn it on out
Cuz you know what we about
Kinda like Kane and Able
A bit unstable

Don't be breakin' the frame, break the whole damn table
How we shut it down
We give 'em a blast
Keep it

Just using their a*s

That's right
We put it down
Yeah we in the house
Uh... yeah come on... Ok

Hypnotized in a Trance
Gotta make em dance
Jump in the pit
Now throw up your hands
Having a party
Who's blast on the mic
Spitting lyrics from my tongue
Bringing the hype
The doors wide open
Do you dare to come in
Battle with the boys mess with us with a sïn
So who's up next
As we gather round...

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