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Xero - Stop & think lyrics

It's double o, double x too, corrupt codes, street talk nobody gets a job no They got robbed, went to the cop, he didnt do s***t and we ask why not they say no to anything they say the same thing if you lost a ring they say they can't help you with it So we! Bringing em Pow gangstas killing around sounds of gunshots in the town three cops killing cuz they f***d with the wrong crowd the government is killing us too its gonna destroy our souls asking for more than you could pay they dont wanna let you go, go

[Xero singing low] (Xero singing high)

So we going and dropping bombs (2x)
in this nation of hation it's going wrong (2x) (So we dropping bombs, we dropping bombs, in this nation of hation remember thug..)

[Xero singing-rapping]
I'm telling the cats the corruption is getting bigger they dont need to pull the trigger but stop listenin to this figgaz

[Kapone singing] (Xero singing)
Corruption destruction whats going on (Corruption) where will all this s***t lead to (Destruction) Corruption destruction is killing us (Corruption) Just stop for a moment and think (Destruction) Just stop Just stop, Stop for a moment and think (Stop for a moment and think, stop for a moment and think..)


see them laughin
while they playin
with our minds

But we gotta stand against it
They messin with our lives

Wise men said
stand up for ur right

The only way to accomplish
is to keep a clear sight

See they don't give a f***k
if we demonstrating
they still negating
that's why we hating
we see no change
only s***t they creating

It's time to make a change
rearange the game
a fair-minded leader
who stands for the weaker
helps them rise, forget them lies
not destroy them like reapers

And i know we can make it
u see the chance?
we gotta take it
stop the fake s***t
cuz i f***kin hate it

We're all on the same boat
gotta learn how to row

together, united
a political war
and we can fight it
u think the same then ur invited

It's a fight about future,
u don't fight, then u sink
Stop for the moment and thïnk

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