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The Mission.. (deep voice.. delays)

This is the mission in which i might die (i might die..) but i will smuggle this s***t and slide by (slide by the guards) the guards with some ammunition in my mak (my mak) cuz this is the mission in which i might die (i might die)

Yo, as I looked back, trapped between the walls I walked a long path, got into the big hall it's check time, I look at all the equipment the job is hard to do, but made a commitment

gotta smuggle these weapons from the H-Q I went through the room, but escaped by a few seconds in which I hide from the guards had to wait a couple of minutes so I could get out in my car

I took a small rope I had hidden in my bag, then tied it around the neck of one of those fags tightened it, made him suffocate, he choked and die but before dieing, some words slipped and he said "why? "

Why? I said.. because bitch motherf***kers don't deserve to live so after he dropped dead I kept walkin, but couldn't breath too much adrenaline was makin me ill, until I stopped..
a noise nearby, who might be this time?

I dropped to the floor the seconds passed, but no one came, until I figured out I was being pointed with an AK My enemy was standing in the stairs waiting for any move rolled over the floor, my ways of dealin are too cruel

he started to shoot at me, made my body shiver until I got my desert eagle, and shot him quicker than any secret agent, but i'm not double o seven I'm double o xero, triple zero plus eleven

those were the rounds in my desert eagle so I shot the motherf***ker, made him cry in pain my hollow tip bullets, made some bloody rain and after I was done I was feeling kinda evil

But it's just my work, I had to do it quickly and easy I was near the exit, moved but s***t was gettin crazy there was two other guards waiting for my head I took the mak eleven and started to spray them

(as I went.. as i went.. as i went.. as i went..)

(i gotta go i gotta go i gotta go i gotta go)

So as I was reaching my car, a bullet grazed my shoulder should I retaliate? hold and wait for some new orders?
or should I take my car, escape and get the s***t done f***k no, I'm staying but at that moment I was gone

their bullets had sprayed me and I was almost dead a motherf***ker got near my body, prepared to shoot my head I saw his face, and I couldn't even believe the face that he had, was the same as the one ïn me

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