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Xzibit - Deeper lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Yeah so it all comes down to this (what?)
Specialist with a hit list
Right fist bomb type M. G. M. fight night type (ding ding)
So when I hits in the stage we can Face Off
Watch me rattle your Nicholas Cage
Bring heat in ridiculous ways never compromise
Look into my eyes tell me what you see (what?)
Victory ecstasy maybe Hennessy
Energy wasted, enemies gettin' laced with

That point blank to the face s***t
Who you think this is
Young black bust a nigga a*s strickly business man
Self disciple Heinakin let the record spin
Paparazzi all over again, times ten
Like thee original sin
I'm tryin' to f***k it up for everybody
The hot? get collect calls from John Gotti
I kick back like karate
Butter soft burn off and solid black Mazaratti lïke

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